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It is a unique family leisure center, where the most recognized brands coexist with unusual experiences such as escape rooms, laser games, virtual reality or immersive experiences.

It is aimed at children from 5 years old, youth and adults, that is why we have activities designed specifically for different ages.

At the moment we have 11 EXPERIENCES in the Zaragoza center, but every so often we will be incorporating new features.

The VIP Experience allows you to reserve a room for you and your friends exclusively.

This means that you will not have other players at the same time as you, in the room that you have chosen.

You can access this option during the reservation process as long as the number of players is equal to or greater than the minimum number required to play. This number varies from 1 to 8 depending on the Room.

The case of birthday celebrations is different. In The Smurfs experience, only your birthday group can be in the room and in Superthings 25 participants are necessary to enjoy the room in VIP mode.

Participation in experiences under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed. You will not receive a credit or refund.

For safety reasons, certain experiences cannot be carried out if:

  • • You use a wheelchair.

We don’t recommend participating if:

  • • You have a heart disease
  • • You are in an advanced state of pregnancy

We recommend a minimum height of 1 meter to play.

You have to be able to move freely without assistance using your whole body.

People with only one eye vision can play.

For safety reasons, the experience cannot be carried out if:

  • • You have epilepsy of any degree.
  • • You are deaf or have severe hearing loss.
  • • You have mental illness / disorders.
  • • You have a pacemaker.

We don’t recommend participating if:

  • • You have a heart disease.
  • • You suffer from photosensitivity.
  • • You suffer from photosensitivity.

There is no dress code, you can come dressed as you want, but it is best to wear comfortable clothes.

Photographs are prohibited inside the rooms.

At the end of your MadLab experience, you can ask your Game Master to take a picture of you with your mobile, and he/she will gladly help you and indicate where it can be done.

Yes. Within each room, your Game Master will let you know.

No. We can surprise you and try to raise your adrenaline level during the game, but our goal is that you have fun.

Yes, in the shopping center you have free parking.

To register a child under 16 years of age at check-in, he/she must do it with the authorization of his/her parents or legal guardians.

You can book directly at our MadLab center or through the web .

If you are going to book on the web, you must book your experience at least 24 hours in advance.

If you prefer to book in person at our MadLab center, you can do so in the Reservation or Booking area for any time on the same day or after, provided there is availability.

Yes, if you go through the MadLab center you can make a reservation for that same day or any other, as long as there is a slot available.

Registration takes place at MadLab center in the Registration area (check-in)

This registration has to be completed 20 minutes before your experience begins.

You will find more details about this in your reservation ticket, which will be sent to your email after making the payment.

In case of late arrival, your reservation will be canceled and there will be no refund.

The experience would run its course without you as long as the number of attendees reaches the minimum of the room.

If one of the participants is late or does not check-in twenty minutes before accessing the experience as indicated in the Booking or Reservation tickets, that person will not be able to enter.

The activity will continue without that participant as long as the number of attendees remaining is sufficient to be able to play.

The person who is late will not be reimbursed.

If the minimum number of participants is not reached for this reason, the experience will be canceled and they will be relocated to the same experience at a different time of their choice (subject to time availability).

You can change the date of your experience, as long as you do it two weeks prior to it, by writing to

Children cannot be left unattended in the MadLab reception or waiting area

We will not be responsible for the safety and care of children in this area.

The session consists of several parts; registration, introductory and safety talk, equipment and experience.

  • • Normal experience - If you have not booked the VIP experience, the session will start even if not all the participants have arrived, if you are the minimum number required for the room.
  • • VIP experience - If you have reserved the entire room and one of the participants is late, you can start the session without all the members being there, as long as you are the minimum number required.

If you are late you will not receive a refund.

MadLab does not make refunds under any circumstances.

The birthday celebration reservations are not refunded except in exceptional cases such as medical leave and prior notice.

Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your purchase and we will try to help you at

You have up to 2 weeks before the date to cancel or change the date.

Write to us at sending us your reservation, the new date chosen and the experience chosen, and we will process it for you as soon as possible.

Cancellations or changes are not accepted within the two weeks prior to the reservation.

Ask us a question

Our team can answer any questions about the different CHALLENGES and EXPERIENCES. Just write the required information and send it.